a smart artist makes the machine do the work!
nag_05b (2020)    by Panos Galanis, updated by Winnie Soon
source code: (updated 2020)
source code (zip): (updated 2020)
interface: nag_05 - THE IMAGE GENERATOR

nag_05 (2003) by iap GmbH, Panos Galanis
source code:
interface: nag_05 - THE IMAGE GENERATOR
results: anonymous_warhol-flowers

nag_04 (2003) by Richard Leopold
source code: moiNAG.tgz
interface: moiNAG The Dada Generator (dysfunctional site)
results: nipple

nag_03 (1999) by Barbara Thoens and Ralf Prehn
source code: nag-003.tgz
interface: nag_03

results: antic, 1999

nag_02 (1998) by Luka Frelih
(no code available)
interface: nag_02

results: copyleft, print (archive), 1999

nag_01 (1997) by Ryan Johnston
source code: nag-ryan.tgz
interface: nag_01 (1997)

results: America under attack, 2001